Four to two-wheel commuting option adds up

It’s amazing how switching up your routine can change your perspective.  I never expected to look forward to the commute in and out of Wellington for work but that’s what’s happened.

Spurred by the desire to reduce the beer gut, to save on train fares and eliminate the carbon dioxide from car trips to and from Melling railway station, I took up cycling to the day job in Featherston St.

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Fireworks, dog tags and a brothel – May E-Newsletter

Would you support a ban on the sale of fireworks to the general public and an end to their private use?
That’s a question that will come before the full Council in June after a majority of councillors on the Community Services Committee last week recommended that the Hutt follows Auckland Council’s lead, and requests the government to change fireworks legislation.
I know that fireworks can injure people, frighten animals and keep people awake – especially when they’re let off weeks and even months after Guy Fawkes Night.  But they’re also the stuff of warm childhood memories, extended families gathering for a night of fun, etc.
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