My words at 15 Sept meeting on the future of rubbish and recycling:

This is one of the most difficult decisions of the triennium, with many competing factors.

We should be guided by the core issues – protecting our environment, offering our residents the most cost-effective rubbish and recycling services we can, reducing waste and preserving the lifespan or our landfill, which when it eventually is filled will cost many, many millions of dollars to replace.

Using the economies of scale of a city-wide contract, a rates-funded weekly or fortnightly collection can cut rubbish collection costs for our residents by up to half of what they currently pay.   The other big dividend is that it ensures all of our residents, including Kainga Ora tenants and our less well-off families, have access to an affordable rubbish service.  Logic says when they have an appropriately sized wheelie bin for their rubbish, there will be far less tendency for our recycling collection to be contaminated.

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